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Below are the 18 most recent journal entries recorded in tomworth's LiveJournal:

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008
2:33 am
Apollo Justice Preview
Let's hope this works... I found a sweet preview for the release of Apollo Justice: Ace Attourney. I'm so pumped for Feb. 19 when it's released.

Even though it's a short 10 minute playthrough of a little bit of the first trial, there's quite a big bomb dropped early. I hope the Phoenix Wright fans enjoy this.

Thursday, June 22nd, 2006
10:17 pm
Today we went to the zoo and fed a fire breathing dragon. Max petted its silky coat while we got the dragon food. We all had a lot of fun at the zoo and hope to return soon.

Also, I finished reading Nextworld Volume 1, and Beck Volume 4. Woohoo!
Wednesday, June 21st, 2006
7:03 pm
Today was Max's 12 month doctor's appointment. He got a bunch of shots and such, but he seems to be doing fine. Some of the shots could eventually cause a fever, so we're hoping that it doesn't get too hot in our apartment, otherwise he might overheat.

Last night when Janet and I were playing DDR, we tought back a new word, "DDR". He can say the "DD" part just fine, but in order to get him to say "R" we had to act like pirates "Arrrrrrrrrr". Maybe someday he'll realize what DDR is, and then he'll want to play.

Today I got my first shipment (of two) of manga We got Osamu Tezuka's "Nextworld" Volume 1, Beck volume 4, Hikaru no Go volume 6, and School Rumble volume 2. I'm pumped to read all of my new stuff, but I'm still anticipating the next shipment. I'm also looking into purchasing a wi-fi USB adapter for my comp that would allow Janet and I play Nintendo DS games on wi-fi while at our apartment.
Tuesday, June 20th, 2006
7:18 pm
It's really hot in my apartment. I'm sweating bullets in here, and there's not much I can do about it. Perhaps I should live in the freezer.

That aside, I'm going to watch ECW tonight on the Sci-Fi channel at 10pm. I still don't know if I like it as much as the other two WWE shows, but if Stevie Richards gets his fair shot, I'll be happy.

I've been watching the World Cup every chance I get. I hope US advances to the next round, but as the Magic 8 Ball says, "Outlook not good". Even if we advance, we'd have to take on Brazil in the next round... HOLY CRAP! Max tends to get into the World Cup even more than me. He really loves his soccer. Maybe once the World Cup is over, I can go back to watching the Indians lose every night. (Hooray for Cleveland's batch of perrenial losers).
Monday, June 19th, 2006
8:58 pm
A few days ago, some research uncovered that Ergo Proxy and Beck are licensed. I know this isn't news for a lot of people, especially since I've already said that Beck was going to be licensed by Funimation, and Ergo Proxy was going to get licensed soon. Actually, I found out that Ergo Proxy was licensed before its release in Japan by Geneon (go figure the GeneonUSA under the producers of the credits didn't tip me off). I have no idea when either of these series are supposed to be released in the United States, but I hope that it's not too long.

I just got Elemental Gelade in the mail (the box and first volume). If you haven't seen this anime, it's quite an interesting fantasy series... Although the opening song makes it look far too generic for my tastes. We also picked up the final DVD of Gilgamesh at Best Buy the other day. I can't wait to watch it, but I haven't had time yet.

Janet and I raided a Sam Goody in Wooster that was going out of business. Everything on the shelves was 70 to 90 percent off, so we made sure to pick up anything decent that they had left. We ended up with a bunch of random stuff and City of Villains.

I'm counting down the days until the manga that I ordered off of Amazon arrives. Aside from Death Note and Beck, there are a few other surprises that we ordered. I'll atleast say that some of the stuff includes Osamu Tezuka's stuff.

Well, that's it for today.
Wednesday, June 14th, 2006
1:55 pm
Max's Birthday!
Today Max is exactly 1 year old. We have a cake and a bunch of presents for him... But right now, he's just sleeping like a baby.

For the cake, I wanted to get a candle that said "Too old to count", but Janet made us get a candle in this shape "1". I don't understand what it means, and surely Max is too old to count, but she insists...
Wednesday, June 1st, 2005
12:57 am
Gantz Character Sheets
Gantz RPG Character Sheet

Basic Info





Hair Color:

Eye Color:



Hit Points:





Mental Stability:

Ability to Kill:


Former Profession:



Cause of Death:
Tuesday, May 31st, 2005
10:42 am
Gantz Table Top
Fall quarter, I will be running a Gantz Table Top RPG. Over the summer, I will be tweeking the rules and such, but for the most part, I have a general rule base to run from. This game is similar to many table-tops, but there are BIG differences, which is why I'm making up unique rules as opposed to running off of BESM or DnD rules.

General World: Each person in the game has recently died. After their death, they are brought to a room with a big black marble/bowling ball looking object. After a few moments of integration, the ball begins to play the radio exercise song and it announces a mission. The characters are assigned to kill various "aliens". After the assignment, they are given an opportunity to equip themselves (although characters may or may not take items/weapons at their discretion). The missions each have a one evening time limit (forcing players to work quickly and not waste time), where certain penalties will arise if the time limit is not met. After each mission, they return to the Gantz room, and they will be scored, and sent home until the next mission.

Differences: What sets Gantz RPG apart from others is the common occurance of death. It is likely for characters to die. In fact, it would be surprising if more than a few characters made it out of a mission alive. Because of this, characters are very basic to create, all weapons are supplied to every character (exceptions will be given for SPECIAL instances), and characters are mainly a few stats with a personal background.

Also, there will be 2 different types of scoring or experience. There will be the Gantz scoring, which will give points to characters for kills that THEY achieve (they need to deliver the finishing blow). Once 100 is reached, something special happens. The other scoring system is experience. Experience is gained by participation in battle, role-playing, and risk taking. If you want to gain experience to level up your character, you're going to have to act as if you're ignorant of the rules of Gantz (First time players probably wouldn't believe what's going on, and might only have a gun to start a mission as opposed to a full arsenal).

NPC's: Because of the way that Gantz works, every once in a while, there will be an NPC Gantz player controlled by myself (Gantz). This player will refuse to take weapons and/or will try to leave the fighting area right from the start of the mission. If you are able to keep these characters alive, you will get bonus Exp, but it is probably worthless to even try and save them (unless it's part of who your character is). These characters are placed into the situation in order to make it more Gantz-like.

There are also civilian NPC's who are not even playing Gantz. Depending on the mission, they will either be able to see you, or find you invisible (usually the latter). These characters will sometimes stumble onto the battle field and not be able to see the impending danger. A heroic Gantzer will probably try to save them, uncaring Gantzers will leave them to die and try to complete the mission. (Exp for saving them. And obviously for staying in character.)

Obviously there are aliens/monsters. Those are also controlled by myself (Gantz).

Previous Gantzer: I am still considering having one of the players be an experienced Gantzer from day one. Meaning he was the only Gantzer to survive the last mission, and he had some knowledge of what's going on. Whether or not I decide to do this will depend on the player turn-out.

That's all for now.
Monday, May 30th, 2005
9:32 pm
Rant #3
Stupid spaceships... I HATE them! Who do they think they are, flying all over space like they think they own it. They should all be shot down with phaser beams. Either that, or they should all just press the "Self Destruct" button (which every ship has for some odd reason that doesn't make any sense) and end their pointless spaceship-ing existance.

And I also don't like the machines that produced the spaceships (spaceship momma?). They're greasy and I don't like them one bit. No I don't.
7:12 pm
Rant #2
Well this one is short. Jeremy is still a complete ass who deserves to die because he is completely useless in society.

On top of that, Dice is now on my shit list just because of the fact that he's siding with that idiot and he says he "doesn't want to associate with me" because I don't like a human being (if I can even call him that) who lives solely for pissing people off and making fun of them. He doesn't really have an argument, so I hope he has a nice little asthma attack and his inhaler is out. Have fun with that, dick.

In all honesty, I bet I could take Dice too, if I really felt like it.
7:32 am
Rant #1
Yeah, so I recently discovered that my least favorite person in the world is Jeremy. Why the hell would I even waste the time to hide his identity, because I don't really give a shit.

First off, he's a dick faced ass who's too f*cking lazy to go to any classes so he just blames it on his club foot. Meanwhile, he just sits at his computer and plays WoW... Wait, no, he yelled at me for saying that last time because he's playing another MMORPG now (which just proves the point even more. He never bathes properly, so he smells like shit even though nobody tells him. And he never actually SOCIALIZES with anybody.

If you are ever "graced" by his presence, you'll usually be playing him in a video game, where you're clearly outmatched because he's constantly honing his skills. But if you were to comment on how he's dominating you with no remorse, you're a "whiny bitch". This is ironic, however because of the fact that he always complains if he's double teamed, or if he's just losing a match.

His entire social life revolves around attempting to piss people off. He just presses people's buttons in order to push them over the edge, just so he can make fun of them when they get pissed off, because he's "just joking". He probably gets this from stabbing friends in the back while spending all of his time playing online games during high school. It's annoying as hell, and if he really wants to keep picking on my friends and trying to piss them off (Monji included), I will seriously kick his ass. I don't care if I'm fighting a retarded gimp, because I absolutely HATE people like him.

Recently, he voted for me on Battle Royale solely for the purpose of pissing me off and pushing my buttons. He didn't really have a legitimate reason, except for saying that I can't use "if this were real life" as a reason for me to survive... Translation "If this were real life, you'd live. But since this is a game and I'm a dick, I'm voting for you anyway." He backed it up by calling it a "fun" game, but it's only fun for him when he's being an asshole. If he thinks it's fun for anybody else, perhaps he should talk to about everybody else playing, who's made a comment about him voting like an ass since round one... Although people probably wouldn't say it to his face because that's just how J-Con tends to be sometimes... Or all the time.

Well, I could rant on forever, but I really don't want to piss myself off more by even thinking about him. I'm going to be a dad soon, but I wouldn't feel a bit of remorse for beating the living sh*t out of one more weak f*ck before my kid is born. It'll be the last time I could break someone's bones without feeling guilt, since I'd have to be a good role model after Max is around. I'd make sure that I gave him a real good reason not to be going to class.
Thursday, May 26th, 2005
7:04 pm
Battle Royale Overview
Name: Bobo
BR Weapon: 9mm machine gun
Aggression: 9

Positives: His violent disregard for others. He has a will to kill others and he has the competitive nature to go for the win. To top it all off, he has one of the best and most powerful weapons in the game.

Negatives: Not only is his weapon loud, but Bobo is not known for his stealth. He’d easily give away his location firing at an opponent. It would not be hard to sneak up and take him out, or at least stalk him and kill him in his sleep. He also has a tendency to anger people with his aggressive nature.

Name: Saker
BR Weapon: Bulletproof vest
Aggression: 2

Positives: Defense? Hiding his bulletproof vest under his shirt would allow him to play dead and surprise attackers. His high charisma allows him to gain support. It would be possible for him to create a team of 3 allies in no time. Strong leadership capabilities might help him last long into the tournament.

Negatives: He might be overly trusting in others. It wouldn’t be hard for an ally to turn on him in a heartbeat. As long as people know about his bulletproof vest, it’d be easy to take advantage of it and go for the REST OF THE BODY. Or some person could just get lucky and go for the head or legs of Saker.

Name: Don
BR Weapon: Binoculars
Aggression: 6

Positives: Although he doesn’t have a fighting weapon, he’s got one of the top defensive and stealth weapons in the game. He can almost snipe people from afar and pick his opportunities to go for the attack. And he’s definitely smart enough to take advantage of what he’s been given.

Negatives: His high aggression might leave him picking a bad opportunity to attack. Also, someone could sneak up on him if he’s concentrating on something else. Lack of defense once he’s been spotted will be a major factor leading to his possible death.

Name: Ashley
BR Weapon: Hand axe
Aggression: 1

Positives: Ashley is well liked, which means that it’s unlikely that she’ll be hunted by anyone short of a psycho. It’s also unlikely that people would turn on her. Her weapon is a great melee weapon, and could help her defend herself in close range situations if she HAS to.

Negatives: If faced with battle, Ashley may or may not be able to defend herself. The defense that her weapon lacks makes it easy for a stronger fighter to take her out. Also, she’s almost too kind to manipulate others, and she’d most likely never stab a friend in the back.

Name: Molly
BR Weapon: Grenades
Aggression: 9

Positives: Molly doesn’t hold much back. If she’s in danger, or feels offended, she’ll go all out. Add in the fact that her weapon (if used correctly) is very lethal, and she might have a chance of racking up quite a few kills.

Negatives: A misused grenade could be deadly. It wouldn’t be surprising to see an accident lead to her death. Also, she is known not to be able to handle sad situations. If someone close to her were to be killed, instead of becoming angry, she’d most likely break down and become useless.

Name: Jee
BR Weapon: Colt .45
Aggression: 8

Positives: Jee is well liked by the other combatants. Add in the fact that he has a good weapon, and he already starts too look like a strong competitor. Also on his side is the fact that Jee has a broad knowledge about combat. It’s likely that he’ll use this in the game to win.

Negatives: Stealth and speed are lacking. A single gunshot would alert others of his position. It’s unlikely he’d be able to avoid much conflict if he wanted to lay low. And he’s not really a little target either…

Name: Dave
BR Weapon: Jitte staff
Aggression: 1

Positives: Not too many people dislike Dave. If people run into him, they’re more likely to try to form an alliance or allow him to live for the moment. Also, his weapon is both silent and allows him to move quite quickly. He should be able to run and hide quickly. An alliance with Molly might be destined.

Negatives: Dave’s lack of fighting ability would come back to haunt him. He holds a specialized weapon that is hard to use if in the wrong hands. This means that it’s pretty much worthless for him to hold. His seeming reliance on others might lead to being stabbed in the back by a combatant that is actually playing the game.

Name: Emily
BR Weapon: Headband
Aggression: 7

Positives: Another well liked person. If she is able to use her feminine wiles to her advantage, she might be able to stab a few of the horny guys in the back. It wouldn’t be hard to manipulate someone like Bobo, or maybe Molly.

Negatives: At the moment, her weapon is useless. Unless she picks up something in the future, she must rely on mind games and hand to hand combat. Her fighting ability wouldn’t match up against many of the combatants, and if she were to go up against a weapon holder, she’d be a goner.

Name: Peter
BR Weapon: Crossbow
Aggression: 3

Positives: Master of the commando crawl. His stealthy nature and weapon allow him to have the benefits of a gun with no noise. As long as he relies on accuracy, he should be able to take out opponents and leave before people figure out his location. Although his aggression is low, he’s likely to take this on alone and might be quite successful.

Negatives: A single missed shot would give away his location since it’s easy to tell which direction an arrow came from when it whizzes by your head. His lone wolf approach could easily work against him and make him a target for others.

Name: Marc
BR Weapon: Fork (2 more votes to be stolen)
Aggression: 6

Name: Tom
BR Weapon: Tracking device
Aggression: 1

Positives: The tracker is quite possibly the best weapon in the game. Although it is not an attacking weapon, it supplies ultimate defense, stealth, and speed. The knowledge that the tracking device gives to the user is immense. Not only can it locate every person and identify them, but it can also tell the terrain and where the weapons are. It’s like being back in the school with all of the administrators. Low aggression allows the user to hide and be VERY safe from other combatants.

Negatives: With little to no defense aside from the tracker, Tom is likely to be a quick kill if he is found. He needs to sleep sometime, and if someone were to stumble upon him in his sleep, he’d be in trouble. Being decently liked amongst the combatants might lead to a possible alliance. Once the tracker is in another’s grasp and Tom is out in the open, there is little keeping them from killing him and taking the prize.

Name: Abi
BR Weapon: Sickle
Aggression: 2

Positives: Her almost unmistakable chance of allying with Eric gives the two of them a major advantage. Strong melee and long range attack. Also, the sickle is a quite worthy weapon in itself. In many ways it is the best bladed weapon supplied because of its nature. It’s not hard to sneak up and slit someone’s throat.

Negatives: Her safety relies quite a bit on her alliances. With decent protection, she’s decently safe, but if the alliances fall through, she is in serious trouble. If she decides not to make alliances, we are likely to see an early demise.

Name: Eric
BR Weapon: SPAS 12 Pump Action Shotgun
Aggression: 6

Positives: Military training and strategy are a HUGE advantage. You give him one of the best weapons in the game, and he’s practically invincible. There are few combatants more frightening than him. In all terms, he is one of the strongest fighters out there. Shotguns are very powerful up close, leaving it to be a great melee-type gun.

Negatives: His most likely alliance with Abi could be his downfall. Instead of simply defending himself, he’d be trying to protect another, which is difficult to do in the heat of battle. Add in the fact that his weapon is quite loud and not powerful at big distances, he might come to find himself going down late in the game.

Name: Corrie
BR Weapon: Coat hanger (Stolen)
Aggression: 3

Name: Kristen
BR Weapon: Jackknife
Aggression: 3

Positives: Petite and quiet by nature, Kristen is already strong in stealth and speed. Add in a weapon that aids to that, and you get quite a difficult kill. Although she might struggle in melee combat, she has the ability to hide and escape the action. When all is said and done, she might be able to sneak up and slit your throat, steal your gun, and start a rampage.

Negatives: In actual combat, it is questionable how well she can use her weapon. Unless she is fighting someone with a significantly weaker weapon, she’d be in quite a bit of trouble. She can only run and hide for so long, and it’s hard to rely on silent kills.

Name: Julie
BR Weapon: Megaphone (Stolen)
Aggression: 3

Name: Dice
BR Weapon: Sig Sauer pistol
Aggression: 10

Positives: Just how strong of a fighter is this guy? Dice is the master of the melee and on top of that, he has a distance weapon to help cover the ground. If he were to get his hand on either the tracker or the bulletproof vest, he’d be practically unstoppable (minus a complete uprising of the remaining combatants). The only ways to really kill him are if he is sniped, or killed in his sleep.

Negatives: Going for kill after kill will leave this guy on almost everybody’s hit list. Even the more passive players would be looking to revenge the deaths of their fallen comrades. He is likely to be in this by himself, unless in anybody is dumb enough to ally with him, because they’re sure to be stabbed in the back.

Name: Dikis
BR Weapon: Sword
Aggression: 2

Positives: Early on in the competition, he has already shown that he is not afraid to kill. His weapon allows him to fight as an experienced melee fighter without actually having much experience. The light sword allows silent kills and a quick get away.

Negatives: Although the sword is good for speedy get aways, Dikis isn’t necessarily the fastest runner. He’ll need to rely on a lot of strategy to successfully use his weapon, and he doesn’t really possess much of this strategy. It is also likely to see even allies going after his powerful weapon once it comes into view.

Name: Ace
BR Weapon: Boxing gloves (2 more votes to be stolen)
Aggression: 7

Name: Matthew Fullhart
BR Weapon: Stungun
Aggression: 2

Positives: Fullhart is one of the most liked combatants. It is unlikely that any close friends will turn on him, and he has a possibility of picking up making some strong alliances throughout the game. His weapon is also quite handy in certain situations.

Negatives: Although Fullhart has potential to gain allies, it is unlikely that he will gain alliances of some of the stronger players. His kind nature makes him likely to be manipulated by the other combatants.

Name: Obediah
BR Weapon: Colt .357 revolver
Aggression: 2

Positives: Obediah could be a possible dark horse candidate for this game. His weapon is quite powerful, and his skills are underrated. His ability to gain allies will come into play, and if he needs to, he could possibly be able to take out any back-stabbers.

Negatives: Lack of gun training might make for a hard battle. Although he is physically strong, he lacks a great knowledge of combat situations, which might lead to some trouble. One can’t always rely on surprise and physical ability.

Name: Diana
BR Weapon: Potassium cyanide

Positives: Diana has a good chance of becoming the back stabber of this game. We all know how easy it is to slip cyanide into food or drinks in order to eliminate allies or enemies. She’s not dumb, and she has a good sense for difficult situations.

Negatives: Cyanide is quite a difficult weapon to use properly unless certain situations arise. If she is unable to gain alliances, or if she is unable to sneak up to sleeping combatants, her weapon is pretty much useless. Her melee skills have yet to be proven, so she might be an early kill.

Name: Jen
BR Weapon: Paper fan
Aggression: 2

Positives: If you take a well liked combatant and give them an innocent weapon, it is easy to imagine Jen getting into a friendly alliance. How could you not trust an “innocent” girl with a paper fan. She just might be able to tag along with a group long enough to snatch a decent weapon for herself and pick up the win.

Negatives: Her weapon is pretty much useless. Unless she finds an alliance quickly, she is almost guaranteed to be eliminated. All things considered, she is likely to be an early elimination.

Name: Katherine
BR Weapon: 9mm pistol
Aggression: 4

Positives: Pair up a strong weapon and an average amount of aggression and you get a strong contender. Katherine has enough self control to be able to smartly use her weapon for the better, instead of mindlessly charging at opponents. As long as she can bring herself to kill, she should be a strong fighter.

Negatives: She lacks the knowledge of her pistol. With no actual training, it is hardly believable that she could hit the broad side of a barn. On top of that, training is out of the question since it would draw others to her location. She needs to rely on the lucky shot, and against more skilled combatants, she might be in trouble.

Name: Kaitlin
BR Weapon: Dagger
Aggression: 3

Positives: Yet another prime example of an alliance prone combatant. With an alliance, she could easily rise to the top. Without an alliance, she could still prove to be worthy on the battlefield. Kaitlin isn’t hated by any of the combatants on the island, so she is likely to be overlooked.

Negatives: Daggers are weapons designed for stealth and speed. Although Kaitlin isn’t necessarily slow, she isn’t fast enough to take out the more skilled combatants. If she were to face off against a skilled melee fighter or a skilled gunman, she’d be in deep trouble.

Name: Monji
BR Weapon: Machete
Aggression: 6

Positives: Not only is the machete a strong weapon, but it also helps clear away some of the foliage in the forest in order to make clear paths. With a strong and fast weapon, Monji might be able to overpower even some of the more skilled melee fighters.

Negatives: Monji is prone to attacks from long distance weapons. Also, his ability to flee is thwarted by his urge to finish battles. It’s his willingness to fight that might end up getting him killed.

Name: Matt Anderson
BR Weapon: Pot lid (two more votes needed to be stolen)
Aggression: 3

Name: Hartsel
BR Weapon: Uzi 9mm
Aggression: 5

Positives: A very skilled melee fighter, Hartsel has a good chance at running away with this game. If you count in the fact that he carries an Uzi, you really don’t see many weaknesses.

Negatives: Hartsel will struggle to find alliances because of his intimidating ability. Although he is generally laid back, it is likely for him to be feared. Without alliances, Hartsel might find himself struggling to compete with the factions sprouting up around him.

Name: GPM (Bonus entrant #1)
BR Weapon: Knife
Aggression: 1

Positives: GPM is the all around nice guy. He holds a beloved and elevated status amongst almost every combatant. It’s hard to see many people attacking him without reason, which means he should be somewhat safe. He is likely to hide himself away and play the game smartly.

Negatives: He’s not in the greatest shape, so someone like Dice or Eric could make easy work of him if they were to come across him. He was wounded early, and this will slow him down significantly.

Name: Comrade (Bonus entrant #2)
BR Weapon: Pickaxe
Aggression: 3

Positives: Not too many people know Comrade. This might cause them to overlook or forget him. Because of this, he might slip under the radar and rack up quite a few kills. His weapon is perfect for this way of attack.

Negatives: Since not too many people know him, he will struggle to gain their trust. Being forced into a lone wolf strategy (unless something else comes up), he will be pressed to find a better weapon to protect himself.
Thursday, March 17th, 2005
2:29 am
SAKER!!!... Or Julie, I guess. Actually, this is more for Julie.
Take back Orrville Rd from Wooster. It'll turn into Crown Hill when it gets to Orrville (on a big left turn with pretty arrows or something like that). Follow the road and there'll be one really big (or small depending on your idea of a big church) church on your right. Pull into the parking lot and go into the big tall room thing. Do this sometime around (but preferably before) 7 on Friday.

We shall dine on Chicken (or Prime Rib) and Cheesecake after the festivities. This shall be a grand ole time.

Saker, afterwards, I'll be a dork and drag all of my best man's drinking buddies someplace to watch us own at DDR (one of the 3 ones for the PS2) and then we'll drink lots and lots of water trying to be cool. I, or someone else, can give you a ride home after that... Or you can just crash at my place for the evening.

Does anybody else think this is way too much preparation? Who wants to take my Japanese Final for me, or write my Crit Approach to Drama paper? They're not completing themselves...

Saker or Julie, this is impotent... Or important. One of the two.

Current Mood: WIDE AWAKE!!!
2:24 am
My Exam is in 5 and a half hours...
You got a 71%, genius, and your patience has been quantified as 80%.
I don't believe it...by some crazy twist of sick fate, you managed to pass my test! The test that COULD NOT BE PASSED, and you managed to squeak by with a passing grade! You're either a very cool cat, highly strange, or kept on taking it over and over until you got this as a result. Regardless of which you are, you officially get the Jackcrow Stamp of Approval for kicking ass. And you don't want to kill me, which gets you huge kudos in my book!

My test tracked 2 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

You scored higher than 92% on pass points

You scored higher than 20% on patience
Link: The You CANNOT Pass This Test written by jackcrow on Ok Cupid


(And it's not studying...)

Monday, March 7th, 2005
5:17 pm
Nothin' really too new here. I missed Japanese for the 5th day straight due to my returning insomnia mixed with the sudden heat wave (I hate not having AC).

I saw new eps of Air, Beck, Major, and Naruto. I'm impressed with each and every one of them, and I can't wait for more of them to be released. Beck is so close to being done, and it's making me all jittery. It's not fair that I have to wait a month for the conclusion. Of course, I'm sure nobody shares in my ambition, but once people see the series they'll go bonkers.

I have a strong feeling that Naruto is hitting the final stretch, and it will only be about 20 eps (maybe a few more) before the show is over. The manga looks like it's about done, and I'm praying that it ends soon, before it just gets too long.

I am a d100

Take the quiz at dicepool.com

Wow, this is frighteningly true.

That's all for today. Later.
Thursday, March 3rd, 2005
12:09 am
Gift Registration
Janet and I just got done doing a gift registry on Target for our wedding. We made sure to check the box "We will except crack", so don't worry. Let me know if you want any other info.

Jee's still got my cd's, so that means until I get them back, more than half of my anime is out of my grasp. I'm sorry for the inconvenience for anybody that's looking for a series, but I'll get right to it ASAP.

I'm peeved at my NCAA March Madness 2005 game because I went undefeated an entire season as Ohio and I didn't even end the year ranked. How stupid is that? I guess it'll make it worth it to win the National Championship with an "unranked" MAC team.

Talking about basketball, a topic that almost everybody but Jeremy hates, our team beat Buffalo today. That means that we end the season seeded 3rd in the MAC East. That's good news, although we'd have to overcome Akron (who's walked over us both times we've met this year). Remember, if we walk out with the MAC Championship, we will see Ohio in the March Madness, which would be pretty Neato-Torpedo.

I just wanted to say "Neato-Torpedo".

Say no to thugs.

If Smurfs are asexual (I assume they split to procreate), what defines Smurfette as a woman and the other Smurfs as men? Also, am I the only one that remembers the young freckled redhead girl Smurf? I thought Smurfette was female because she was created by Gargamel, but where did the other girl come from?
Tuesday, March 1st, 2005
12:55 am
New Toys
Well, aside from spending about all of my free time playing Xenosaga Ep 2, I've been downloading and watching some good stuff. First off, Xenosaga is sweet... Although it seems pretty short, I'll forgive it, because the story still owns my soul.

I caught some recent eps of some series that are pretty good. First off, Major Ep 8 and Naruto Ep 123 (I think that's what was released recently) were pretty good. Major peaks at episode 6, or at least it has so far, but the series is still amazing. If I had to describe it, I'd have to say that it's not a sports anime, but a drama. There's enough sports stuff in Major to keep sports anime fans around, though. I was glad to see they're keeping in the Rock Lee bit in Naruto, but I'm not going to spoil what happens for those who haven't seen it yet.

Last night, I watched Air Ep 8. For the first 6 episodes, you're left wondering what the hell is going, on, but once you reach 7, things start to become explained. It's still only a little over halfway done, but I think it's going to turn into utter brilliance. It's amazing to think that this series was based off of a dating sim.

Tonight, after watching a horrible RAW (except for the main event) and seeing the Cavs drop a 4th straight (I think it was 4 straight), I hopped onto AnimeSuki and leapt for joy at seeing Beck Ep 21 was released. I clicked my mouse, and off it went, downloading in a painful 40 minutes that left me staring at the screen in anticipation for most of the time. If you haven't seen any Beck (don't lie, I know I'm the only one on campus who's given this show the time of day), you should check it out. It's a music anime about a whole bunch of things (meaning there's a lot of side stories). One of the two main stories is that two majorly talented guitarists split their band in an attempt to make it big on their own, they make a bet to see who will make it the biggest. The other main story is a young average middle school kid (with an amazing choir singing voice) stumbles onto the American rock scene when he meets one of the two split guitarists that I mentioned earlier... Basically, he's learning guitar and trying to become a member of Beck. It's confusing to explain, but it's a great watch. The music is wonderful, and there are a lot of cultural references between American and Japanese cultures. I know you guys all are into that sort of thing, so for that alone you should check it out.

When fall quarter comes around, I'm going to be struggling to figure out what I should weed out in my suggestions for nominations. I want to nominate Elfen Lied again since it was actually close to making it this quarter, and the series is pretty good. I don't think there's any chance that Major's not going to get onto the ballot with me backing it, although it all depends on who nominates it (it's the truth, and who explains the series). Air might or might not make it on. I'll probably have to campaign for a quarter on the series to get it well known enough to have it voted in. Beck's almost a sure bet for me to bring up, but once again, not enough people have even seen one episode of it. I've campaigned Beck out my butt for the past quarter, but I don't know if it'll fly. Besides, there might be a nice 13 ep series that comes up between now and then.

There's also the matter of Ippo. I want to nominate it, but unless you watch the whole thing, leaving off at any point would just be torture for someone that doesn't have the series at hand to watch/finish. It'd be asking a lot to try and have it shown Fall, Winter, and Spring of next year (which is what it'd have to be to show it all), but it can be done if enough people want that.

I hope everybody is getting ready for the wedding, which takes place two weeks from this Saturday. Just let Janet or myself know and we'll get you a map (it's going to be in Orrville, which is 3 hours north of here). Also, if you're sure you're going to come and you need a place to stay, let us know in the next week or so, and we'll try to arrange a place for you to stay at my house or at the house that Janet and I will be living in this summer.

There's talk of a Pillows concert in NY, and Janet and I are trying to figure out whether or not we're going to go to it or not. We both completely mark out for the Pillows, but we're not sure if we have the money for a hotel, and if it's in NY, that might be a little bit too stressful for us. Still, its THE PILLOWS!

Anyway, I've wasted too much of my time on this. I need to get back to Xenosaga, which will haunt my dreams until I beat it. See everybody at the meeting tomorrow night. And if nobody else does, nominate me for secretary.


Thursday, February 24th, 2005
5:16 pm
Saker inspired me to make a quiz. So here it goes...

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